Small Business Cloud Backup

Even small and home-based businesses need to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and part of that plan should include cloud based data backup. With so much information being stored digitally today, businesses can be crippled by a data loss event.

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Having on-site backup is certainly wise, but what happens if a catastrophic event occurs? If your business were to suffer a fire, or natural weather event, if your data is stored on-site, you could lose it too.

Cloud backup is a very simple, secure, and affordable way to add an extra level of data security for your business.  Cloud based backups typically provide very rapid recovery of your lost files.

Business Cloud Backup Features

  • Continuous and Complete Backups
  • Unlimited Data Backup
  • Protection From Ransomware
  • Centralized Admin.
  • Single Sign-On

Best Features

Ransomware Protection

30 day rollback for every computer ensures your company is protected from ransomware.

Unlimited Data Backup

Automatic backup via native client. All user data (including desktop files) backed up by default.

Free Hard Drive Restore

We'll send you a USB hard drive with your data anywhere in the world. Send it back for a full refund.

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