Here is a quick look at some features of your Webroot Security Plus account. These are screenshots of my account for a Windows PC, and an LG Android™ mobile phone. I like to give you an idea of what to expect, should you choose to install the software.

Some personal information has been edited out, but you can still click the images for a larger version, and a better view of these features.

*Some unnecessary screen area has also been cropped out.

PC Security Features

Webroot Security Account Homepage

On the home screen, you can see I have one PC and one mobile device protected, as well as additional features you can activate, including the Password Manager.

Screenshot of Security Plus Homepage

About PC Security

After clicking PC Security on your homepage, you'll be brought to the About tab in your PC Security Console.  This gives you some brief information about your last scan date and scan duration.  The software version is also found here.

Security Scan Info

On the next tab, you have a list of several recent scans that include date and duration. Interestingly, nearly all of my scans have been very fast, with the exception of one, that took over 3 hours. Not sure if I had a bad internet connection that day or what. That kind of duration is very rare, however, I don't recall noticing any performance issues with my PC during that time.

Security Commands Tab

This is the fun part. The Commands Tab shows you different commands that can be sent to you computer. Let's say you were logged in with your mobile phone, you could then send the listed commands to your computer.

Commands include: scan, lock, shutdown, cleanup, restart, and deactivate.

Mobile Security Features

With Webroot Security Plus, you can protect up to 3 devices, including your mobile phone.

Mobile Device Console About Tab

In your mobile device console, your first tab gives you some basic information about your device like protection status, make of phone, and OS version.

Security Status Tab

The Security Status Tab shows that your device is protected, threat definition status, and mobile app version, and that Lost Device Protection is enabled.

Mobile Device Security Actions

Much like the commands you can send to your PC, there are several you can activate for your mobile devices.

These include: scream, wipe, lock, lock with message, and locate device.

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