Backup Your Computer

Before You Wish You Had

Online backup for people who want a no fuss way to keep their data safe.


Backup Everything

Backup everything on your computer except your operating system, applications, and temporary files.

Backup Fast

Unthrottled data backup is only limited by your internet connection.

Backup Online

Whether directly connected or over WiFi, if you are connected to the Internet, you are backing up.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Backblaze Mobile for iPhone let's you access, view and share the data you have backed up with Backblaze from your iPhone.

Backup Continuously

Files change and Backblaze backs them up. By default, Backblaze simply backs up all the time so you don't have to remember. But if you wish, you can schedule Backblaze to backup at a convenient time or only when you click "Backup Now."

Backup Multiple Computers

Mom has a MacBook, dad has a Windows desktop, and kids share another computer? Backblaze can backup each of these to one account for just $5 per computer per month.

Backup Securely

Your data is encrypted on your computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted. Want more security? You can use your own private key so nobody but you can ever have access.

Backup Efficiently

Backblaze de-duplicates, compresses, and backs up incrementally to backup as efficiently as possible. Have the same photo stored twice? Backblaze will de-duplicate to back it up just once; if you restore, it will be put back in both places. Change a file multiple times? Backblaze will only back up the changes.

Backup External Drives

Use a USB or Firewire-connected drive for additional storage or backups? Backblaze will backup those too.

At A Glance

  • Online Backup
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Idle-Time Backup
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Web Download Restore
  • Flash Key or Hard Drive Restore
  • iPhone Access to Files
  • Unlimited File Sizes
  • 11 Language Interface


Backup Console for Windows Installation

What You Want

Pick what data you want to restore - a single file, a folder, a set of random files, or all your files.

When You Want

Still in a trial and haven't finished your first online backup? No problem - you can test a restore at any time.

Where You Want

Access your files from any web browser anywhere. Backed up a PC? Restore to a Mac. And visa-versa.

Restore Previous Versions

Backblaze keeps up to four weeks of file versions. Just scroll back to see older files.
How You Want Download any files you need over the Internet for free, or order your files on a USB drive.

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