Personal Cloud Backup

Easy Affordable Personal Cloud Backup

Quickly and easily backup documents, photos, videos, and more, using Backblaze cloud backup.

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Small Business Cloud Backup

Protect your business related files from catastrophic loss, including 30 day rollback protection from ransomeware.

Protect your indentity while online

Malware and Identity Protection

Protect yourself online, as well as protecting your computer and files from malware and hackers.

Anti-malware or anti-virus software, should be an integral part of your personal, and/or business data protection plan.

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Affordable Protection for Home and Small Business Users

It would be difficult to be too safe while online.  In today's world, new threats can emerge, and evolve quickly.  Having proper virus and intrusion protection is simply a must for everyone.  Not just protection for your computer, but mobile devices, and tablets as well.

Added Protection for Your Files

Protection of your important data shouldn't end with anti-virus and intrusion protection alone.  Something as simple as a spilled drink, or a more serious problem, like a hard drive failure can wipe out your files in an instant.

That's where online cloud backup comes in, by providing an extra layer of protection for your files by automatically backing up your data continuously, or you can schedule your backups once a day.  The decision is up to you.  Backups should be an integral part of your security plan.

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