Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Cloud based file backup, and security isn’t just for large companies and enterprise sized businesses. These services should be available to the home user in an application that is both simple and affordable to use.

Our Story

Our Story

I have experienced three hard drive failures in the past few years. One was totally catastrophic as I had nothing backed up. The second and third failures weren’t as sever, as I did have backups, but not as recent as they could have been. My method has always been to copy files to a USB drive manually. Well, unless you stay on top of that regularly, it’s only as effective as the last time you remembered to do it.

Cloud storage isn’t always effective either. Some storage solutions really don’t provide automatic or scheduled backups. The opportunity for lost data is still relatively high.

I wanted to create a site that has located the services I feel are the best for the home user, and small home office computer user. I based the services selected here on several factors that anyone can appreciate. Affordability, ease of use, rapid recovery of data, and multiple options for data recovery.

You really can’t be too safe with your files. Not only can viruses lead to data loss, but a hard drive failure, or operating system crash can too. I put this site together in hopes of helping people protect their important information, whether it’s documents, or priceless family photos.


Meet the Team

Mark Allen, Founder of Able Cloud Backup

Mark Allen

Founder & Operator of Able Cloud Backup.

Mark is the Founder of Able Cloud Backup, and holds a Degree in Network Systems Management, with an emphasis on Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics.

Take Steps to Secure Your Data...

Take a look at these recommended services, and relax, knowing you've taken steps to help protect your important files.  Perhaps you'll never have to tell your spouse, or significant other, that you lost all your vacation photos.

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