Online Cloud Backup and Internet Security Solutions For Home and Home Office Users

Easy, Secure, Personal Cloud Backup

Enjoy the piece of mind that comes with knowing your most important files are backed up thoroughly.  Set up your online cloud backup as automatic or scheduled. You decide.

Small Business Cloud Backup

Using BackBlaze Business Cloud Backup, you can provide your business with an extra layer of protection for your Business Continuity Plan, and prevent the loss of critical information.

Virus and Malware Protection

Security of your files doesn’t end with backup service alone. Compliment your backups by protecting your system from viruses, malware, and unwanted intrusions with leading anti-malware software.

Affordable Security Options For Anyone

Security for your home computer doesn’t only include anti-malware software. Backing up your files is an essential part of your computer’s protection. Today, we are storing more important data on our computers than ever before. Backing up those files should be a priority.

An unexpected hard drive failure can lead to catastrophic loss of all your information. Anything that is stored digitally, including tax documents, financial information, music, videos, even your family vacation photos could be lost. Not to mention those cat videos you download from the internet.

An online cloud backup service can provide automatic or scheduled backups of your files, and provide a rapid recovery solution. Never lose a file again.

Computer Security
Cloud based backup and protection for home computer users.

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